Our partners are leading companies, organizations and individual change makers globally, that are not willing to sit on the side while hundreds of millions remain unemployed and are not afraid to put their money toward its solution. They share our belief that every individual, not just some, deserve the opportunity to be meaningfully employed.

At AfricaWorking our partners are the Companies, Organizations and Individual change makers that contribute to the success of the Human Capital Development, Employment and Entrepreneurship Ecosystems throughout Africa. Partners are able to contribute through Impact Investments, Grants, Job Placements, Work Projects, Equipment & Tools, Specialized Curriculum, Mentors, Experts and Apprenticeships

Our partners play an integral part in the employment and entrepreneurship ecosystem solutions and we value there perspective and expertise that they bring.  We go to great lengths to maintain transparency with our partners, sharing detailed reporting on our Employment and Entrepreneurship Fund, our Leadership and Impact.

Our Partners are a core part of our Employment Ecosystem Solutions. Special recognition and engagement opportunities, products and services, exclusive events and cutting – edge talent development are just some of the benefits provided to our partners.
Global and Regional Recognition – Social Media, Publications and Events Communications.Partner Human Capital Development and Talent Pipeline Development Implementation & Advisory Services
Quarterly Partner Only Communications – Newsletters, Conference Calls and Updates.
Partner Only Events – Hosted throughout the year in various Partner geographies.
Exclusive Annual Partner Gathering – Hosted once a year highlighting one of our Partner geographies in the world and successful ecosystem examples.
Partner Only Field Visits – to visit our regional offices and employment ecosystems, to see what it takes for the unemployed to obtain the knowledge, skills and experience to become a successful thriving and valuable employee or entrepreneur.
PARTNER WITH US – Together we can empower people and grow business globally while building a life of dignity and independence for everyone.

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